Designing for humans

Hello, nice to meet you! I am a designer with a penchant for being helpful by solving problems with human-centered solutions. I am passionate about bringing life to bleeding-edge technology concepts and putting it into people's hands (you know, other than my obvious love for good coffee). Currently, I am a digital product designer at Starbucks. 


My design career began as an accident. At the time when I was in a PM role for a small construction firm, I had been given a project to re-design the company’s website. I immediately fell in love with the science and craftsmanship behind the creativity. The exciting problem-solving nature of UX design inspired me to pivot my career, freelancing as a self-taught new media designer before landing a web design role at the City and County of San Francisco. As of June 2017, I completed a Masters degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering (MS HCDE) at the University of Washington with an internationally recognized capstone project in robotics. I had an amazing opportunity to work under Professor Shwetak Patel while in grad school, creating mobile medical diagnostic tools (now part of Google). A majority of the work involved studying the medical procedure as-is today, understanding behavioral patterns of patients and medical professionals, and then crafting the right solution to address the gaps. My experience at the UW has taught me how to use research as a powerful tool to drive better human-centered designs — something I have become deeply passionate about. Since then, I got to apply my design experience to influencing the operational paradigms within Microsoft. Today, I am designing solutions to help store partners at Starbucks focus on building better relationships with the customer.


I love to think outside of the box. I am not afraid to try new experiences to learn and get inspired. I believe such habits are part of a recipe for building character and widening perspectives. The world is your oyster; your riches depend on whether you dare to open it.

When I'm not busy using my UX superpowers, I like to share cheesy words of wisdom (like the above), indulge in one of my many hobbies, and explore all the great coffee shops Seattle has to offer!